How is the URS used in the procurement and implementation of process automation? 
The URS helps to drive three aspects: Internal alignment; Supplier management; and System Qualification. 
Internal organization alignment - The URS document provides a means to achieve consensus within the customer's organization. The URS serves as a communication tool for various stakeholders such as operations, finance, maintenance, IT, and engineering, to describe what the automation system will do. Having the stakeholders sign off on the URS is a very good practice. 
Supplier management - The URS tells the system integrator and automation suppliers what is expected in terms of utility and performance. This is one of the initial steps towards obtaining a quotation from the supplier. It also guides the integrator in the development of the Design Specification. 
System Qualification - The URS is used as a measure during the Operational Qualification step of the automation system commissioning. It provides a yardstick by which the performance of the commissioned system is measured. 
How can Powell Automation Consultants help to develop
an effective URS? 

Our consultants can assess your current process automation situation in regards to its capabilities, opportunities for technical upgrades, and its foreseeable long-term sustainability. We can then help to facilitate the collection of input from various stakeholders within your organization such as operational management, information technology, maintenance, quality management, and engineering to understand the business objectives and requirements for the future automation system. 
Based upon this assessment, our consultants can formulate a menu of automation options covering aspects such as control systems, HMI systems, control network topology, process control components, and data management. Each option would include an assessment of its benefits from a business point of view, and an estimate of its cost for procurement, implementation, training needs, and maintenance. 
This information allows your organization to prioritize which options provide the most benefits while managing costs, and thus the basis for a long-term automation strategy. Powell Automation has the experience to translate this automation strategy into a strong URS that can help to guide the automation initiative from conception to validation and commissioning. 

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