performance & cost management 
Consideration should be given in the URS to include performance aspects which may not appear in a typical P&ID diagram. This includes those sensors, computational tools, and communication avenues which can provide information regarding efficiency, productivity, utility consumption, equipment health, or environmental impact. It should take advantage of new emerging IIOT technologies that make monitoring these aspects cost effective. 
Data management is another aspect which needs to be covered in the URS. New data systems may be needed to make process data available to the overall business organization. This can include databases contained in purchased cloud storage systems such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, or on private servers. 
asset management and maintenance 
The URS document should specify what asset management related capabilities need to be incorporated into the automation system. These can include automatic capabilities of instruments and control components to self-report their presence, specifications, calibration, set up data, and their current operating condition. 
Most times, the automation system needs to communicate with asset management applications already in use in the facility. 
The URS should specify that instruments and control components are connected in a way that facilitates replacement with no re-wiring and easy setup procedures. This includes procedures for instrument calibration. 
It should also indicate what remote monitoring capabilities are needed, and the hardware / software platforms that support this activity. This can include specific smart phones or remote tablets. 
Existing preferred control component suppliers which must be used for new installations should be designated in the URS.  

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